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Indulgence - The Importance of Exceptional Home Design

I'm looking at a beautiful Terzani pendant light I know my client will absolutely love.  I covet it.  It would be perfect for their stairwell,  but it comes with a Cadillac price tag.  So where to cut spending elsewhere?  Can I? 

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I ask myself these questions quite often during the day.  Being entrusted to find the right 'wow factor' pieces within a set budget, I am always up for the challenge!  As a successful boutique Principal Designer, I work with budgeting for what the client needs and to succeed with a showstopper. As I go through the likes and dislikes, I already have my mind racing to a beautiful stone mosaic or an industrial coffee table I wanted to pick up.  It's my job to ensure that my client receives the best value for their renovation or new construction.

When I meet with clients, it is important that I find out what is most critical in the design of their home, what works for them and to capture their uniqueness in the finishing details?  When potential clients look to do their own selections and budget, they feel the limitations of what they can buy, sometimes because they do not have the knowledge or accessibility to research.  I can honestly say that a designer's work is never done.  I am always on the lookout for anything.  I never know when inspiration may strike, and in the rarest of places.  And because of my connections, I'm finding these things in exclusive and less expensive ways.  I also know where to add and cut within the budget.  Sometimes, it's a hard choice!  Is the client willing to add to the budget for that one incredible, unique piece or feature?  Or to add something of better distinct quality which in turn increases the value of their home?

So when it comes time to do your home, let me help in those deciding factors.  With less stress and more options, you have an informed professional designer to complete your build or renovation within your budget.  Together we can mesh our passions and create a true work of art which giving you longevity & satisfaction as you enjoy your new haven.  After all, we spend a considerable amount of time in our homes, so why not enjoy it!!

When exploring the option of hiring a designer, remember, we can help you achieve your aspirations, all while budgeting for those showstopper pieces and keeping your budget in check.  

For more information on how we can accommodate your budget, give us a call!

Danielle Molnar & Ashley Baetz