Interior Designers & Vender Discounts

One of the wonderful bonuses of hiring a designer is the purchasing power they have when it comes to the products for your new home.  Designers and trades can be like a big savings coupon book for new furniture, lighting, plumbing and general building supplies.  But how to approach the subject?  And how will you know if they are being honest?  This is your hard earned money.


One important item to distinguish is that every company, whether vendor or manufacturer, will have different discounts.  These percentages have been negotiated between the designer and the product rep on your behalf.  Just as you build relationships with your suppliers, bosses or partners, we take the time to ensure that we can recommend the best product, price, and service for you.  Service is important.  It doesn’t only represent fair pricing, but sales people that are exceptional.  I know everyone has had that experience walking into a showroom to make a large purchase, and received lack lustre service.  It doesn’t impress and designers already have the connections to help not let those situations happen.


So when we work with our clients, we like to make sure that they know the process when purchasing items through our company.  There’s no secret behind how we operate the deals.  A few of my non-designer friends have questioned this conspiracy by designers that take a large cut from the products purchased, but this is not the case.  When looking to hire Accentrix Design, the budget subject and discounts are always brought up.  It’s important to us to be transparent and honest, so that you know we are being savvy with your money.  Each designer has a different approach, and may have various systems in place when discounts are applied.  Don’t be offended when a showroom sales person has to call up the designer to confirm pricing.  They are wanting to give you a fair price and protect the designer as well.


So the big questions is, what does a designer make off of your purchase?  I’m sure everyone outside of the field is itching to know.  The answer varies.  Consider the extra calls, emails, negotiations, delivery arrangements, and shopping that the designer is doing behind the scenes for each item.  To answer the question, sometimes it will be a percentage.  Sometimes it’s a specific dollar amount.  That may include shipment and delivery.  At Accentrix, we are an open book and offer the discount, so that you are able to splurge on better products. Or if you’re on a tight budget, you are able to get the design advise and products without breaking the bank.

Accentrix Design