Design Hang-ups


Oh, where to start? What style do I want to go with this month in my home?  Do I hang up that artwork that’s been collecting dust in storage?  If I do, I’ll have to get a new rug… And then the wall colour will need to change. Sound familiar?

I love walking into people's homes and seeing what makes them, well, them.  The art and accessories they've collected over the years, the style and colours speak for the people and their interests and priorities in their lives.  While it's important to incorporate as many personal and eclectic pieces into the home, as Designers, we can give the unbiased and aesthetic expertise on placement and veto the ones that just won't work in the decor.  Having family and friends ask if I can give my opinion, I usually try to stay out of the decision making.  With those that are personally involved, it can be quite stressful hearing from a loved one that their taste doesn't match.  I get the sentimentality, but with the focus on small spaces and the necessity to cut back, sometimes it's good just to let go of the clutter.

Between the heirloom pieces, and sentimental family items, sometimes it can be tricky business finding the right spot in your home to display them all.  Just last week we provided this service for one of our clients. She needed us to go through her home, re-arrange photographs, furniture, books and give suggestions on which pieces to pack away and ones to keep. We un-cluttered the space and made it look more spacious and organized. Surprisingly a service like this doesn't take much time at all. With minimal cost to the client, we can spend a few hours going through your home, making suggestions, and re-arranging your furnishings. Having an outside eye is valuable from time to time, as it can be hard to see things in a different light when in the situation. 

As my sister always says, “it’s easier packing up someone else’s stuff than your own”. Bouncing ideas off of others, you can finally find focus.  Sometimes there is that one element that holds you back on everything else.  And yes, even we Designers have our moments.  

Do you have a design hang up? We want to hear about it!