An Ode to IDSWest


I was sitting there waiting for the last talk of the day at IDS West.  It’s been an eventful weekend, with parties, trade/ supplier meet and greets, and of course the main show.  I personally love the timing of this show.  Autumn is in the air, Christmas around the corner, and it gets the wheels spinning with the informative speakers.  Kimberly Seldon was a great speaker that we got to meet earlier in the week.  Sarah Richardson had some insights into her process of design, but what I found I got out of it was how much she enjoys what she does. 

It had me reflect on how grateful I am to be an Interior Designer.  Fitting for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.  While I was waiting for Richardson’s talk, I followed up with a local artist regarding a project for which we wanted to use her work.  The artist said (and I paraphrase), “You must be honoured, having someone allow you to design their most personal space; completing the design and seeing the client reflected in it.  You show them the best of themselves so they can feel comfort and peace in their home.”  I had my ‘Ah-ha!’ moment.  She had said in a few sentences what I had been feeling all week. 

I’m quite sad to see this show end.  It’s a humbling boost of energy that will inevitably present itself throughout the rest of the season.  Time to get back to work!