The truth about D.I.Y.

I often find myself going through Pintrest late at night finding the coolest DIY hacks from IKEA furniture enhancements to no-sew curtains.  As I lay there dreaming up my next weeks projects, the realization comes to me that as much as I try, I will not accomplish the photogenic piece staring back at me on the screen.

See, the issue with a lot of the DIY items, is that the people creating them are a) gifted in that regard - whether through sewing, metal working; or they have the patience for the meticulous details.  And b) the initially brainstormed idea came about because they already had half the materials in their possession.  I find at the end of some DIY stunts, that I either ended up spending almost as much as going out and buying the original piece, or my creation lacked the wow factor because I had to substitute with a less appealing component.  I end up detesting the piece because I'm sentimental about having made it.  It just ends up sticking out like a sore thumb.  Then there's my favourite: the unfinished project.  Like HGTV's DIY Disasters, I get angry and frustrated and walk away, never to complete it.

Sometimes it's worth splurging to get the look you want.  I completely understand and agree that you need to alter or spice up an item to better accommodate and freshen your space.  As long as you have the time and patience, knowing full well that you may have to ditch it in the end.  Don't stop dreaming, or pinning for that matter!  Even the creative, it fuels my designs in different ways.

Do you have any DIY projects that hasn't worked out the way you expected them to? Share them with us, we want to hear all about it!