Consistency in Renovation - a "how-to" for designing in phases

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I think there is some myth that circulates regarding a Designer's intentions on renovations.  Many assume that when we ask to give a full design package, that we are either pushing for profit or trying to satiate our hobby.  I'll admit, it's appealing to us to have the complete renovation done at once; but the truth is, it makes sense to design as a whole, rather than portion it out as it's being done.

I should probably clarify that the full design package is the portion that us designers will send with drawings and specifications to guide you and the contractors while renovating your home.  My parents were very frugal when it came to spending their money on home renovations when I was younger.  They'd do one room (or section) at a time, adding in the latest trends and tastes that suited them.  At the time, my creative juices were salivating, looking at the samples and breathing in the paint and carpet fumes.  But when it came time for them to downsize and sell their beloved home, they knew the place needed a major overhaul.  At that point in time, I was finishing up my post-secondary schooling and attending modern history design classes.  Every slide represented the next room in my parents home.  With this one course, it clicked how the process should work.

Now, my parents were fortunate because they had a five year plan to get everything completed.  I told them my plans for the upgrades and got down to business.  I had the overall budget for full span of the renovation.  Clearly, this floored them; they were very overwhelmed.  Then I detailed how each year they could tackle each room, starting with the kitchen, and then through the next few years through the rest of the home.  It made it manageable.  And the most important thing - it made it consistent.  I think the most important thing to consider is that when you are renovating your home, you have an underlying theme throughout the home, without straying too far from the original renovation.  It's easy to get carried away with a new fad, but you will find harmony when a designer can set boundaries for future projects.  Not to mention the savings you will have from doing it all at once rather than piecemeal.  It's like any other purchase, if you buy all at once, you get more of a savings, since we already have everything set up for you.  You will also know when you go to do the main floor powder room, that you bought the extra necessary tile when you did the kitchen.  Something you didn't consider at the time, but now you have a different surface because now the tile is discontinued.  You've also wasted time sourcing this old tile without luck.  Sound familiar?  That small detail that a designer would have noted in the full spec package would show that you only required an additional few boxes, if that.  Again, savings& zero disappointment and frustration later.

So when facing a dilemma about whether to get the planning done together, or phasing everything at once, it's important to remember the savings in the end.  Just think, it'll be more frustrating to have to go back and fix up the inconsistencies later. Accentrix Design will help you save time, money and will objectively format a game plan for your future projects. Call us to find out how we can help.

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