The Power of Colour

As I stand in line at this paint store, I look at the paint cards to the side and reflect on just how many colours there are to choose from. I notice a couple standing there, arguing over which one would look better in their bedroom and it's nearly World War III.  I'm no marriage counselor, but I understand the impression a colour can have on one's psyche, even without their knowledge.

I could almost call this article the 'Power of Paint'.   As with so many decorators and designers, I know how much it can impact a space, even with the slightest change. 

But colour doesn't stop there. I do try to keep the big items fairly neutral, if the space is staying as-is for a number of years.  However, I like to play with the accessories as well.  Bright or bold pillows, art, area rugs, or tchotchkes will work just as well, and I can slowly change them throughout the years to reflect the trends or style I want.  The great thing about colour, and its impact, is that it doesn't need to be bright, but you can still be bold, or you can use it to manipulate with an eye catching tone or contrast. 


While at a family member's home, I was asked my opinion on a colour selection for their accent wall.  It had a large sepia art piece in the center and they wanted it to have some impact.  I went back to a discussion that a set designer and I had about choosing the lightest or darkest tones of the art to really bring depth to the piece.  After quite a bit of reluctance (and as I remember, a few cans of paint), the wall was a dark black-brown.  It was funny, because anyone that came into the room after it was finished would never comment on the wall colour, but always compliment the art.  


I've never shied away from being bold and manipulating a space.  Over the years, it's been a learning curve with how to harness that WOW factor, as it is a true art.  


Tell us one of your colour power stories!

Written by Ashley Baetz